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Welcome to 3D printing – a world where the virtual is made real and the possibilities for innovation, creativity and education are boundless.

PrintIn3D provides you with the flexibility to either purchase your own desktop 3D printer or access our quality and reliable 3D printing service to create new and exciting opportunities.

Build your world | Shape your future

Cube ®

Desktop 3D printing made easy

The perfect printer for schools or businesses wanting to shape their futures. Compact but powerful, Cube is an icon in the 3D printing world and the perfect choice for creativity, innovation and design. Windows and Mac compatible, it delivers convenience and choice for desktop production.


  • Dual colour jets for greater flexibility
  • Print in strong ABS or compostable PLA plastic
  • Intuitive colour touchscreen for wireless and mobile printing 
  • Easy to load cartridges
  • Certified safe printing for anyone aged 8 and over
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Affordable quality to build your world

The CubePro is the business. An affordable desktop 3D printer to give you the edge and position your enterprise for the future. 3D printing is set to become standard in many industries and the CubePro is an investment in building your business’ success.   Additive manufacturing, parts productions and efficient prototyping are accessible to any business, large or small.


  • Print professional parts in quality 70 micron layer high-resolution
  • Make durable and functional parts and prototypes in nylon; ABS; or PLA plastic 
  • Up to three simultaneous colour options
  • Easy feed cartridges
  • Colour touchscreen and WiFi capability
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Sense™ 3D Scanner

It’s now even easier to turn your real world into a virtual universe of possibilities. Offering hand-held mobility for the freedom to scan wherever and whenever, Sense provides anyone with the power to copy and create.


  • Auto-optimised settings for small and large objects
  • Intuitive, fast, accurate and easy to use software that turns objects into printables without the need for design experience
  • Automatic object recognition to target objects in the busiest of backgrounds, scanning only what you want scanned
  • Fully integrated to work with your Cube 3D printer, scans can be uploaded directly for cloud printing with a variety of materials on or sent directly to your 3D printer
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3D Printing Service

Whether you need a single or several models, parts or prototypes printed in 3D, we can help. 

PrintIn3D has access to various printers as part of our 3D printing service. We are happy to sit down with you to work out the best option for your needs and budget.

*Costs and turnaround times for printing objects will depend on the size, resolution and materials required.
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